Studio Recording is the art of choosing the right sound, in the right song, in the right moment.

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Studio Recording

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Everything at your music's service

My only goal is to serve your music both in terms of sound and playing, that’s why I’ll follow and satisfy any detailed request of yours through the right gear and musical choices.

How does it work?

Studio Recording

Detailed text messages, demo files, useful links. These are some of the means you can use to make me understand your needs. The detailed your explanation is, the better. If you haven’t a clear idea of what you are looking for yet, I’ll be glad to help you with some advices so we can come up together to the final product.

And what if I’m not happy with the final product?

Don’t Worry!

You can always ask for a free revision and I’ll record again, modifying what you didn’t liked.

Studio Recording

Why to record remotely?

Studio Recording


Thanks to smart working , we are able to work from our home studios, paying no extra money for renting instruments, gear and or studios. This means that you can still get pro quality, pro service and save some money at the same time to invest more! I have all the gear you need to get it done.

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