Why to take online drum lessons?

Online Lessons


No distance. You’ll be able to organize your commitments the best because you just need to be connected even 5 minutes before the class. You can also record the full lesson and view it as many times as you need.

Online Lessons


All you need is a good internet connection, a device (computer, smartphone, tablet) and a drum kit. Sometimes, an electronic drum kit or even a practice pad will do.

Online Lessons


Method suitable for every need, going from studying for fun as an amateur, to preparing for a prestigious institute/band/orchestra ’s audition and becoming a full time professional drummer and musician.

Online Lessons

High Audio Quality

Thanks to sophisticated softwares and gear, you’ll hear my fully miced up and processed drum kit, so you’ll be able to catch every sound’s nuances.

Online Lessons

High Video Quality

Thanks to wide-angle HD multi-cams, you’ll clearly see every movement to perform, even if never have handled a pair of sticks before. And what about drum charts? Yes, I’ll write some customized drum charts for you in realtime by using a notation software

Online Lessons


You will avoid any travel expanses such as fuel, train and bus tickets, etc…

Online Lessons


Nowadays it’s important to stay safe and protect your health more than ever. Online lessons are completely pandemic-proof

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    How Online Lesson Works - FAQ

    Since everyone’s knowledge, skills and goals are different, my approach consist into creating the right “dress to wear” individually for each student. Contact me to have yours.

    Of course. No matter if you require a single lesson, a pre-determined amount of lessons or a long and structured period of lessons, you can choose the right one to your needs. Contact me for more.

    We’ll use video-calling platforms such as Skype or Zoom. The use of other auxiliary softwares depends on the quality of the experience you aim to pursue as well as the need of an audio interface and multiple mics (recommended). But don’t worry if you haven’t any! You can even use your device’s built-in microphone.